About Help menus

This is a contextual help menu, and it will show your different kind of information on each pages. On this page you can find information about using the slider builder interface and its features. For information about configuring slider settings please read the tooltips, which will display when you move your mouse cursor over the option fields.

Useful pages

Before contacting us, please take some time and review the and visit the pages below.

Site You can find here...
The Item's website Item showcase, demos and examples
CodeCanyon Item page The latest news and plugin details
CodeCanyon discussion Item discussions where you can ask your questions if you get stuck
FAQ of the Item Our FAQ section of the Item

If you get stuck ...

If you didn't find answer to your problem on the pages above, please ask your question on the item discussion page or send us a private message from our Codecanyon profile page (See the "Email kreatura" box on the rigth sidebar). We can answer your support questions only in these ways, please do not send us email directly.

IMPORTANT! For the fast troubleshooting, please send us detailed informations about the issue and make sure that you don't forget to send us your site url where you are using the item. Please note, that we cannot troubleshoot from screencast videos or screenshots.

Please take some time until we respond (usually in 24 - 48 hours).